The importance of a good content marketing strategy

With today’s rapid development of digital technology and online communication, many things are changing at all levels of media relations and technical consumer-customer approach. At the same time there are changes in consumer attitudes, which have created new behaviors -with main feature, the most critical of consumer’s attitudes’, the one towards buying. The majority of marketing experts have pointed out that techniques applied successfully 20 or 30 years ago, would not work in the present circumstances. The same applies, therefore, for outdated marketing technique of “create-promote-buy”, which is considered archaic-especially in countries where consumers have exuberant, diverse information.

Researches show that consumers want to be informed effectively and in depth on issues related to their decisions and they are now extremely cautious if not suspicious- towards classic advertising products or services. Many market researches and commercial polls indicate that they want to learn useful and objective information for the decisions they are about to take or the solutions they are seeking.
Marketing experts emphasize even more on the fact that the techniques of too pressuring salesmen do not work in today’s market, even if they relate to the most successful brands or branded services. Of course, in times of financial crisis like now consumers are highly hesitant towards excessive marketing promises for brands and services that supposedly create miracles.

Content Strategy

This new form of digital marketing dictates new strategies that, by nature, transform their marketing people to content managers, and this is because in this new tactic what is very important is the role of story telling. Our in-house content managers, here at Digital Marketing Dubai, are the ones defining the content marketing strategy for each brand we work in behalf of. Those professional storytellers are the ones designated to

  • Define specific characteristics of the relevant market segments and consumers, in which the company will appeal
  • Determine accurately the kind of information consumers are seeking
  • Create relevant quality content that meets the needs of consumers and will mobilize them
  • Distribute the above content to substantially help with the achievement of the company’s’ objectives
  • Continuously monitor, measure and improve results, having agreed on the outset benchmarks
  • Create critical success parameter is the clear identification of the audience to which a company is directed. Only in this way a marketer can inspire and be inspired, educate or entertain in the most appropriate manner the public, while achieving commercial targets

Popular Types of Content

When we talk about content, we should look at what forms this can take it that would have the greatest effect.

  • Blog: It is the “sun” of the solar system of content management; ideal instrument for continued dialogue with the target audience of a company and for spreading news. Also, it crucially helps with visibility and quick construction of businesses of smaller size.
  • Newsletters: The communication here can be made to existing or potential clients and includes complete articles or short summaries of articles and related links.
  • Videos: Create and disseminate a consistent basis of communication with the client; these videos can be low cost informative or entertaining videos, using modern technologies. These videos are shared with the customer, existent or potential, through YouTube or Vimeo and can build awareness and convey important information effectively to the public.
  • Infographics: An infographic is the visualization of a theme / story via data. Infographics implement and summarize a complex issue usually on one page. They are also very effective forms of communication content for B2B marketing.

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