Digital Marketing Dubai was born in Germany, back in 2009 by the ambitious nature of its founder and digital marketing professional, Mohamad Harastani and the help of its parent company, SEM7.

Having worked in the digital space for many years, Mohamad wanted to cover the gap in affordable online marketing, accessible in a global scale that he had observed within the industry. Hence, he came up with idea of creating DMD!

Our digital marketing agency is now operating in two continents and serves an international clientele offering services from social media management to SEO.

Mohamad Harastani

Oliver Müller
Media Manager

Fouad Awad
Team Lead

Our powerful digital marketing strategy involves specific moves that have been tested and approved by our clients from all over the world. In order to nail our mission, we first define the business’ overall objective and fit it into a grand plan. We learn from past mistakes. Analyzing the business’ digital marketing strategy’s past successes and failures helps us focus on a new, customized approach. Identifying the targeted audience is a key component of a successful marketing strategy. Our team of professionals belongs to many different cultural backgrounds and has an extensive knowledge of the MENA region, which helps us put the audience at the heart of the digital marketing strategy. We stick to your budget. Digital marketing has become a necessity nowadays; at DMD we are big supporters of the affordability of online marketing services. We make a plan but NOT stick to it! Digital marketing is all about trends; to stay up-to-date on behalf of our clients, we follow them, and just go with the flow!

Our clientele ranges from Europe to the Middle East. Over the past, we have been managing the social media presence of The Gulf Cooperation Council and the Culture and History Authority of Sharjah and have partnered with Gulf PR and Communications, bringing over 3 million new followers and invented the hashtags: #SIBF15 and #SIBF16 that were top trends in the Gulf region. We have also successfully managed the Adwords for Trivago and Groupon, raising the amount of over 2 million Euros.